Welcome to Seacoast Lucky Dog Daycare!

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Welcome to Seacoast Lucky Dog Daycare! 

We all love our pets and they're family, but with busy schedules it's sometimes hard to spend as much time as we would like with our furry friends.  A great way to have your dog spend the day is with other dogs running and playing around...they will get the exercise and attention they crave and be ready to cuddle when you get home from a long day! 

So Why Dog Daycare...

Dog Daycare benefits both the dog and you the owner, the benefit for the owner is that while you’re doing human stuff your dog is having a great time doing dog stuff. No more guilt when you pick up your keys and have to watch their excitement turn to disappointment as you walk out the door and go to work. It benefits the dog in that instead of sitting at home alone waiting for you, they are playing, being socialized, and having a great time. After a fun day of playing you pick up a calm and relaxed pet.

Here's why dogs should go to Daycare..

Dogs get to enjoy a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere with lots of interaction, both with other dogs and with people. Dogs can participate in play groups, gnaw on a favorite toy, play ball, hang out with humans, or just lounge on a comfy chair. We plan each day to insure that we deliver the utmost in group socialization, fun and provide the greatest benefit to each dog in our care. The point is that they're not at home by themselves.

The Benefits...

Social skills will increase Dogs will learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe, fun, and meaningful way. Boredom behaviors caused by lack of activity, and inadequate mental and physical stimulation are virtually eliminated At the end of the day you will have a pup that is happy, relaxed and tired from playing all day. By attending we are able to reinforce good manners.

Why your dog will benefit from Daycare...

Dogs are social animals and need interaction with other dogs and people on a regular basis to remain happy and healthy. No matter how many hugs and kisses you give them, you can't escape their sadness when you leave. Dogs don't understand our human way of life and the many things that get in the way of spending the day with each other. Those that are left to stay at home all day by themselves become bored, frustrated and unhappy. They may exhibit destructive behavior or even suffer from separation anxiety, crying and barking for hours when left alone. They need companionship and exercise for their total well-being. At Lucky Dog Daycare, dogs will have a chance to wrestle, play ball, play tug-o-war, run around, and catch a snooze on one of our comfy dog beds, chairs, pillows, or laps.

Still not sure if Daycare is right for your pup?
Come visit and see how our Lucky dogs play!

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